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Tiffany Grier, GASRO Secretary

Deputy Tiffany Grier serves as and SRO for the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office, working in various elementary schools. As an SRO, she provides a security aspect and teaches the S.A.F.E. Program to 5th grade students across the county.

Deputy Grier began her law enforcement career in 2003 with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, as a State Conservation Ranger. In 2006, she joined the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office. She has served in the Patrol and Criminal Investigations Divisions, prior to joining the School Resource Unit. Presently, Tiffany also serves on the Sheriff's Honor Guard.


At home, Tiffany is a proud wife and mother of 3. In this role, she has gained an understanding of the importance of providing an excellent role model for children. Grier strives to set a good example for Coweta County students with her affinity for strong ethics, while purveying a kind and positive attitude. Several years ago, when interviewing for her present SRO position, Deputy Grier told the promotions review board that her passion stems from knowing that she came from a strong and loving family, while understanding that not all children are as fortunate. Grier wants to help fill that gap for the less fortunate with love and guidance. She will be utilizing all of the talents and resources with which she has been blessed, deriving from her experience in Law Enforcement. Deputy Grier enjoys spending time with the Coweta students in and out of the classroom.

I am honored to serve the families of our community by working with their children in the schools.  I am also honored to be part of GASRO so that all of Georgia’s school resource officers have an opportunity to learn, grow, network, and bring our best to the children each day.  I promise to you as GASRO Secretary I will work as a team member beside all and leader to the new.” - Deputy Tiffany Grier