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(Good through December 31, 2019)

The Georgia Association of School Resource Officers has appointed a new Board of Directors. As a result, we have voted to reconfigure the method of registration into our organization. In the past, each agency had to pay an individual registration fee for each of their School Resource Officers prior to our annual conference. This created a financial strain on smaller agencies across the state who have smaller budgets, yet have a great number of officers in their ranks. To address this issue, we are now offering a registration fee of only $150.00 per agency. It will no longer be necessary to pay $100.00 per officer attending the conference. By registering your agency as a GASRO member/affiliate, you may have an unlimited number of memberships so long as they each correspond to an actual SRO actively/currently employed within your organization.
Yearly, GASRO’s individual SRO membership database will be purged immediately prior to our annual conference. Each agency will then be responsible for submitting applications for each of their SROs to be enrolled for the upcoming year when registering at the GASRO annual conference. Conference registration may only be limited by the number of rooms available at the hosting conference venue. However, once the conference has reached capacity in attendance, your membership fee of $150.00 may then be mailed to our P.O. Box along with any and all applications for your agency’s active SROs. All the registration information will be entered into our membership database simultaneously, upon adjournment of the annual conference. 
In conclusion, the GASRO Board of Directors would like for you to clearly see the growing advantages of joining and maintaining membership with our organization. Included with this letter is a list of current benefits for the agency enrolling for membership and each of their SROs. We certainly hope that you enjoy being an integral part of enhancing the training and networking opportunities for our state’s outstanding School Resource Officers. Thank you, in advance, for your kind consideration. 

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