We challenge you to challenge us!

Just when you thought you had seen it all... Law Enforcement Officers across this great Country of ours takes that challenge to "a-whole-nutha" level!

Lip Sync, Back to School and Weight Loss challenges all litter the social media landscape. The challenges allow those of us in law enforcement to let down our guards momentarily to show those whom we serve and protect that there is a very human side to our family of blue. The challenges are fun to participate in, and bring out the laughs and cheers from our citizens. Some even serve as encouragement to perform at our best and highest potential.

What are the challenges you face every day? Do you have a challenge that we haven't thought of yet (make it safe and family-friendly, please). Let me know, so that I can showcase for others in GASRO to enjoy or take part in with you.

My email address is Look forward to hearing from you soon. As always, it's a great pleasure to feel a part of something much bigger than any one individual... AND, it's tremendous to see our efforts bring satisfaction and joy to others. Blessings to you and yours.

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