Membership Letter for your Chief/Sheriff

As an introductory offer for all agencies to join GASRO, our President (Lt. Ted Thomas, Dougherty County) has drafted a letter explaining the process of becoming a member. Soon, I will be emailing copies of them out to each Sheriff and as many Chiefs as I can find. If you would like an advanced copy to share with them, or to give them a heads up, I will be happy to send you a copy directly. Please email me at, to request your letter today.

The benefits are listed on our website, as well as the details of this introductory offer. You may also share the website with them for their edification. Bear in mind, after the 2019 GASRO Conference, our membership fees will be changing to reflect a new scale for those who are interested in joining. Individual membership fees will still no longer be necessary. Agencies will, from here-on, be able to register all of their SRO's at once and with one low fee. The fee will vary, depending on the size of your agency's SRO Division/Unit.

Take advantage of this introductory offer and join us for a re-vamped and enhanced GASRO conference experience like no other before it!

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