Let's Get Busy!

Good morning, Colleague! Mondays are actually inspirational for me (once I have a pint or two of caffeine flowing through me :)). I reflect, collect and project... Reflect on the past days, weeks and months, events, activities and lessons - Then, collect my thoughts, take-aways and aspirations. To maximize my Monday, I project them all into the day ahead.

So here goes today's take-aways:

1) We are racing down the home-stretch for the GASRO 2019 Conference! Let's start combining our efforts to make it the best yet. We are still seeking sponsors... Businesses who want to see their names, logos and pictures all over our promotional, marketing and social networking materials. There are plenty of opportunities for them to be featured in the formal dinner and dance, the SRO car show, DQ Blizzard Fun Run, Family Game Night and other highlighted moments. Besides, everyone has a commissary service in their jail, phone service for the jail, fleet maintenance folks, fuel company or someone they dump thousands of dollars into throughout the year. Let's ask some of our vendors to make a contribution to the ongoing efforts to train our people and network for swapping and sharing valuable ideas and effective strategies. IT CAN BE DONE! ASK...

2) We will have plenty of learning opportunities for you to take back to your agencies and put into practice. There will be lessons on Tactical Bus Incident Management, What SRO's NEED to know about Social Media, The Latest Tech Tools for Safe Schools, Discussion on Drug Interdiction In Our Hallways, Stop The Bleed (Train the Trainer certification available), School Threat Assessments, PTSD and the SRO & More!!!

3) Get the word out to other SRO's and agencies about the conference. We had 75 rooms specifically set aside at this conference for attendees. There were over 300 rooms available at the resort and spa. Let's fill them with OUR folks!

For more info, email me... OR, comment HERE!

Make one for your school district

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