Corrected a typo

Corrected a typo on the form. ***Where it asks for "Name"... Any will do. Preferably, you add the name here of someone we can contact if we have questions about your agency's enrollment. If not, "Dr. Seuss", "The Fonz", "Captain Underpants", "Dewey Neetoonoe" or "Y. U. Askin" will suffice. ***"Agency" would be the place you work for. ***"Address" would be the place that employs you (Sheriff's Office or Police Departments sometimes give badges to people who work for them. This might be you. School Systems or Boards of Education might employ some of our attendees. In this case, you would add their address in this location on our form). ***"Phone" - A little tricky... Not looking for "Android", "iPhone", "Samsung", "Motorola", etc. here. This would be where you would add the number for the person we could call for more information or with questions about your agency's enrollment. ***"Email" is a fancy new way we communicate with correspondence. This would be a great place to leave us with an address to you or yours. So, leave us the email address of someone from/of whom we could ask questions regarding your agency's enrollment. ***"No. of School Resource Officers" would be the number of active Law Enforcement Officers or School Personnel who would represent your agency at our conference if we had it right this minute. If a couple leave after the date this form is filled out, or you add a few after filling this out... Not a problem. Makes no difference. Same fee. ***"Names of your SRO's" would be the names of the SRO's or School Personnel whom your agency actively employs at the time your form is completed. Please include an asterisk by the names of those who plan on being in attendance at our conference, along with their shirt sizes. If you should have any questions, AT ALL. Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time... (706)594-2084. If no answer, PLEASE leave a message. If I am teaching a class, this will likely be the case. HOWEVER, I WILL return your call. You are my heroes for doing what you do day-in and day-out. None of the above is meant to offend... Only to add a smile to your lovely face. As sometimes, a simple smile is the only thing that keeps us from falling apart in this world in which we live and work. I will also be happy to email (, fax, Western Union or have a pigeon fly a copy to you.

Blessings to all!!!

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