Chris Hollyfield - General Session #1

Our first speaker, Chris Hollyfield, is a 4-foot-4 stick of dynamite!!! This phenomenal motivational speaker is perceived as an undersized man in an over-sized world. His “Got Respect? Tour” illustrates the emotional and physical effects of bullying on students. Chris maximizes his visual difference to help students recognize and avoid teasing & bullying among their peers. In the past 12 years, Chris has had the opportunity to address hundreds of thousands of students regarding the effects of teasing and bullying. He has appeared on various TV shows including World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), MTV, multiple national talk shows and Miami Ink just to name a few. Chris has also begun a group home for troubled teens. His “never give up” personality has an enormous impact on students and helps to encourage them to strive for the best. He hopes they realize that bullying is not the answer when you are frustrated and are feeling down.

He concludes: “Being visually different automatically makes you a target – I’m a survivor of being bullied all my life.”

Hollyfield encourages kids to really get to know others before jumping to conclusions because of the way someone may look or act. School violence and safety is a national concern today more than ever. At our 2019 Conference, Chris will demonstrate that, only by working together, will we succeed in developing the strategies that produce the desired results.

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