"Hello everyone, I’m Lieutenant Ted Thomas with the Dougherty County School System Police Department in Albany, Georgia. In December of 2017 I was elected President of Georgia Associations School Resource Officers, Inc. (GASRO). I want everyone to know that it’s an honor and my pleasure to serve as your president for the next two years. My goal is to help take GASRO to the next level. I will be counting on all school resource officers for your expertise in making this GREAT organization a success. Your opinions and concerns will be welcome."

Ted's Bio

Lieutenant Thomas is a United States Army veteran, in addition to having over 26 years of experience as a police officer. His calling began in 1990 when graduating from the Regional Police Academy in Tifton, Georgia. Twenty of his Law Enforcement years were utilized as a School Resource Officer.

Throughout his tenure, Thomas has worked for the Albany Police Department. There he patrolled the streets of Albany, Georgia. Lieutenant Thomas is currently employed with the Dougherty County School System Police Department. He currently serves as a School Resource Officer at Monroe Comprehensive High School.

Over the past twenty years, Lieutenant Thomas has developed a strong passion for developing empowered youth. Thus, he has played a significant role while conducting summer programs for youth who desire to excel. Additionally, Ted is actively engaged with mentoring the youth of his local community. Below, are just a few of the proud accomplishments LT. Thomas met along the way:

  • In 1996, Lieutenant Thomas received his certification as a School Resource Officer and Gang Resistance Education and Training Instructor.

  • In 2002, he was certified as a National Training Team Instructor for the GREAT Program.

  • In 2011, Thomas was nominated as Officer of the Year for the Dougherty County School System Police Department.

  • Ongoing - Lieutenant Thomas continues to facilitate seminars throughout the Dougherty County School System on school safety, bullying, and character education.