Agency Benefits

• 1-year Membership of $150, to be renewed at annual conference.
• GASRO will allow each agency to enroll each and all of their agency’s SROs into GASRO.
• Yearly, GASRO’s individual SRO membership database will be purged immediately prior to the annual conference. Each agency will then be responsible for submitting applications for each of their SROs to be enrolled for the following year when registering at the respective GASRO annual conference. Out with the old, in with the new (and updated list of present members).

GASRO Agency Membership Benefits

• Agencies will receive viewer-only access to: The membership database, “Professor Kogod’s” take on new and coming legislation, GASRO quarterly newsletter content, capability to submit content for publishing in the quarterly GASRO newsletter and…
• Access to the “GASRO Members Only” forum and bulletins on the GASRO website.
• FREE Entry to the SRO Car Show and Glow, at the annual conference.
• FREE Entry to the Lipsync (group) Competition at the annual conference.

GASRO Individual Membership benefits

• FREE Training at GASRO’s annual conference.
• Complimentary GASRO registration packet containing T-shirt and other conference memorabilia, annually.
• Access to the “Closed” (Privacy) GASRO Facebook group.
• Certain FREE or discounted amenities for members and their immediate family, or for one other travel companion, at GASRO resorts throughout the annual conference and as specified.
• FREE unlimited snacks and refreshments while conference is in session.
• FREE admission to “Game Night” at annual conference. 
• FREE entry and meal for members and one guest at the formal dinner and dance during the annual conference.
• Up to 3 song requests for the formal dinner and dance at the annual conference.
• Capability to network and maintain communication throughout the year with various other GASRO SROs across the state.
• FREE entry to the SRO Glow Fun Run at the annual conference.
• Opportunities to win fabulous door prizes at the annual conference.
• Reader-only access to the GASRO Newsletter.
• Capability to run for GASRO Board of Director and/or Officer’s position, bi-annually.
• Capability to submit ideas anonymously through our suggestion box at the annual conference.